Animation on a specific node only

I have function that creates animation on a node

 private animate(object: go.GraphObject) {
        object.bind(new go.Binding('', '', (a, spinnerPanel) => {
            let anim = spinnerPanel._anim;
            if (!anim) {
                anim = new go.Animation();
                anim.duration = 1500;
                anim.runCount = Infinity;
                anim.easing = go.Animation.EaseLinear;
                anim.add(spinnerPanel, 'angle', spinnerPanel.angle, spinnerPanel.angle + 360);
                spinnerPanel._anim = anim;

in order for this to work I need to enable the animationManager

diagram.animationManager.isEnabled = true

the problem is that I only need the node to be animated, and I want to disable all other default animations.

how can I only use the node animation?

I think you want to disable all default animations: GoJS Animation -- Northwoods Software

So, override AnimationManager | GoJS API to return false, either as in the example, or in Diagram initialization:

new go.Diagram(. . .,
    "animationManager.canStart": () => false,
    . . .