Announcing GoJS 2.1 Alpha Release

GoJS 2.1 Alpha available at:

GoJS-React example project available here.

This release is available through npm by name: npm install gojs@2.1.0-alpha1

New Animation Capabilities

GoJS 2.1 Alpha contains a number of new features to animate different components of your Diagram.

See the Intro page on Animation and the Custom Animation Examples for more details and examples.

Library additions for animation:

Improved Support For Data Synchronization

GoJS 2.1 contains some new methods to ease integration of GoJS diagrams in applications that maintain their own data, particularly React apps. Further improvements are in the works.

See the Intro page on using GoJS with React and the GoJS-React example project for details and examples.

Other Changes for 2.1.0:

  • Updated the sequencing of “ChangingSelection” and “ChangedSelection” DiagramEvents to be outside of transactions for commands and tools. Exceptions include “ChangingSelection” being called during “Drag” and “Linking” operations when drag-copying or inserting a link. With “ChangedSelection” occuring after a transaction completes, any changes will be complete and can be used in the listener.
  • CommandHandler.zoomToFit now animates by default.
  • New property, Diagram.opacity. This may be useful for fade-in/out animations, or visual indication of a disabled Diagram.
  • Model.applyIncrementalJson now throws an error if model properties (eg. nodeKeyProperty) included in the JSON don’t match the existing model. This check only includes properties included in the output from Model.toIncrementalJson.
  • New Samples:
    • SVG Data URL - Export SVG with Base64 hrefs instead of the Picture.source URL

Alpha 4 has been released, with some fixes.

npm install gojs@alpha