Another drag and drop issue


I'm dragging and dropping a gosubgraph1 from goview1 to goview2. This seems to create a copy say gosubgraph2 in goview2. I have code so that when I drag a gosubgraph3 from my palette inside the bounds of the gosubgraph1 it becomes a child of gosubgraph1.
But similarly when I try to drag gosubgraph3 from palette into gosubgraph2 it goes and becomes a child of gosubgraph1! Can you guide me how to make it a child of gosubgraph2 rather.
ps. alfter making all my objects serializable the drag and drop only works the second time I try (bizzarre).

It sounds like you still have some confusion about references in your code. If I were you I would examine that code very carefully, and step through it with a debugger to make sure there aren’t any references to goview1 or gosubgraph1 when the drop happens in goview2/gosubgraph2.

Do you override GoObject.OnSelectionDropped in your subgraph class in order to implement the addition of dropped objects into your subgraph?
You might also want to look at the Planogrammer sample, for an example of having drag-and-drop add or move things between "containers".
It's entirely possible that this problem is related to your problem with drag-and-drop.


I went through the references and fixed the problem about the incorrect drop issue.
You had ased about GoObjectObSelectionDropped it does not seems to be available at version 2.3.1. So we have implemented a smilar behavior ourselves