Area under mouse not redrawing

I’ve got a problem that the area of the graph under the mouse cursor is not seeming to redraw when I hide a overlying dialog window or I release a node I’ve draged on the screen (when it snaps the node to grid).
I’ve tried calling View.Refresh(), which redraws the whole screen except the area under the mouse cursor.
Any ideas would be gratefully recieved.

That’s very odd–we really do redraw everything if the whole area (the whole control) has been invalidated.
Perhaps there is some disguised object that exists at that location? Maybe some object exists there in a view layer?

Seams to be related to the fact I am running a dual screen setup on this machine. When run on a single screen machine there seems to be little or no issue. Does anyone know of an issue with using a dual screen setup and this control?

When I have used GoDiagram applications using two screens, I have not noticed any problems. You might see if there are any new video drivers for your board.