Arranging graph nodes in two separate rows

Dear Support,
My Diagram contains two types of node and I want to draw a diagram with first kind of nodes on left side in a column and second kind on right side in a column. Using layouts, I can draw tree, forced, layered layout which considers all the nodes of same type. I want a diagram as shown in the below picture.
Is it possible to achieve such arrangement in a diagram.

Can I change horizontal distance between two column and also distance between two nodes vertically in each column while lay-outing a diagram ? Is there any sample which is similar to this diagram in the picture?
Could you please tell me how to achieve the layout as shown in the above picture.

Thank you.

LayeredDigraph should work if all your links are “from” red “to” blue (and you could change them in the GoLayoutLayeredDigraphNetwork if necessary).

GoLayoutLayeredDigraph gives me this:

from your data, so you’d just need to do a CalculateRoute() on all the links to straighten them out.

(that’s with layerSpacing = 200 and columnSpacing = 10 in LayoutDemo.

Thank you very much for the reply.
I think this solution will fulfill my requirement. I just want to know if there are some links without any direction what will happen? Because in this demo there are all directed arrows what if there is not any direction to some links.
Currently there is not any arrow in the pic I gave in my last post.
Links can be from one type node to other and vice versa.
Also I want one more column on the right of type as that of the left node type as shown in the pic below.

You can see here, suppose red circles are of Type-1 nodes and blue squares are of Type-2 nodes. In the left part, some of the links have arrows and some does not. On the other hand, right side links only start from Type-1 nodes to Type-2 nodes.
I am not sure i, I can use the solution you suggested in this situation because in that situation all links start from one type to other type node. But in my case, On the left side of pic, some links have arrows and other do not and linkds start from Type-2 node to Type-1 node. and on right side of the diagram, links starts from Type-1 nodes to Type-2 nodes i.e. Black links in the pic.

Thank you.

All links in GoDiagram have a “from” and a “to” whether there is a direction implied (or needed) by the diagram type or not. and the arrowhead is just a visual clue to the underlying from/to of the link.

I don’t know enough about your app to say how to resolve the links that you think don’t have direction. One thing you could do is simply delete them from the GoLayoutLayeredDigraphNetwork after initializing it and before doing the PerformLayout. Assuming the rest of the graph is complete enough for the node locations to be set, the non-directional links will just follow along.

Thank you Jake…
It means, in order to get layout as shown in the figure I need to take care while creating links which is from node and to node.
As you suggested I can delete undirected links which case different layout and then perform layout and put back those links without performing layout after that, which looks possible but needs check all the nodes are covered every time otherwise I may miss some nodes.
Thank you.