Arrow Heads


I need to create arrow head similar to one in digital electronics … for “AND” an “XOR”,


The electrical circuit diagrams I’m used to didn’t have any particular arrowheads, except for the emitter of a transistor. Could you describe what you are looking for?
Have you read the section in the User Guide about the appearance of GoLinks? Also, search for “arrowhead” in the FAQ–there’s a Q/A about drawing your own arrowheads.


Basically they look like “—D” and " ----))> "



I guess I should first ask: are you sure you want these shapes to be drawn as part of the stroke/link instead of as the port? In other words, are you ever going to have more than one such link connected to the same port at the same place? That could be confusing to the user.
Anyway, have you read the part about custom arrowheads?


Yes we want this as arrow head.

I did read the section . … was just cheking to see if some one has already written some code for it.