Assigned value to BarMeter for GoInstrument

Hi Walter or any mart people out there

How do you assign a value to a BarMeter at run time for GoInstrument
I used the GoInstrument Demo and set the (BarMeter)myMeter).value = myValue;
but the meter seem you shrink and change shape when there is diferent values set to it.

Yes, that’s right, you can set the Meter.Value property.

It's the same as the Meter.Indicator.Value property, since the Indicator is the thing showing the actual "value".
In InstrumentDemo the user can either set the value in the "Meter Value" textbox, or set the Value property in the Properties grid.

but every time the value get changed to smaller or larger than the previous value, the meter seem to shrink or repaint

That doesn’t happen with any of the BarMeters that I try in InstrumentDemo. Nor with any of the Meters there.

Could you describe more precisely what you are doing?

I want to have 1 meter on 1 goview and each meter will update its value in a timely manner

The example is having 1 view with multiple layers containing the meters which confusing me
Do you have an example that only have 1 view for each meter type
I'm interesting on the gauge and the multiphase bar meter

If you want to have separate GoViews, each with one Meter, that’s OK, although that wasn’t the design focus for GoInstruments.

For each GoView, create and initialize the Meter that you want, and add it to the GoView.Document. Add a Timer that changes the value of each meter.
Try the Gauges sample application:
This just uses the GaugeMeter class from InstrumentDemo. Note how the GoViews are initialized.

walter, how do I send you a sample app,

thanks for your sample, I got the gauge worked, it just that I'm having trouble with the multiphase Bar Meter