Assigning Node Port ID'S

Dear Support Team

what we want is to assign port ID's to all ports of a node. so that user can choose to connect to any port.

If you use GoTextNode, the user can choose the port simply by dragging the link to the side they want to connect to…

But sir in GoTextNode ,is there any function or property so that i can

identify port id.

Properties LeftPort, RightPort, TopPort and BottomPort.

or FindName(port) will return "LeftPort", etc.

sir yoy have written

FindName(port) will return "LeftPort", etc.
what is "port" ,what will be at the place of port
in this function,when calling
public override String FindName(GoObject child)
"port" in that case would be a GoObject pointing to one of the 4 ports.
there's also
public override GoObject FindChild(String name)
which would return the GoObject if you passed in "LeftPort", for example.