Atlas support

Hi guys,
Will the next release support “Atlas” ? And when is this planned ?

If you are looking for AJAX-like behavior, GoDiagram Web has always been designed that way. You can set the GoView.NoPost property to true in order to avoid postbacks when the user does a mouse operation.
In version 2.5, which is about to be released for beta testing, we have added several basic features which make it easier to implement client-side-only behavior using GoDiagram Web:

  • added GoViewDataRenderer class, to permit customization of the client-side data that accompanies each image
  • extended functionality in GoWeb.js, the standard JavaScript functions running on the client, for doing more on the client without postbacks, such as hiding/showing DHTML, reloading other views, handling errors, invoking server-side event handlers
  • implemented GoContextMenu and MenuItem for simple client-side context menus, a source-compatible subset of WinForms functionality, defined using styles, with the default definitions contained in the GoWeb.css file
  • added GoObject.GetContextMenu, to more easily specify context menus dynamically for each object
  • added GoPrintView Control, renders as multiple large images for multi-page printing by browser
    Practically all of the samples have also been converted to being “AJAX-like”.