Auto Scroll to object in document

I am putting together a prototype as a proof of concept for a
diagramming application. One of the requirements is the ability
to search for a node, and then auto scroll to the object (these
diagrams are huge easily expanding beyond the borders of the document
view). The functionality would be similar to the overview
object except instead of graphically locating an object the user would
simply type the node name and have the relevant portion of the diagram
centered in the document view. Can someone point me in the
correct direction to implement something like this?

< =“text/”>YZWyso(1,“YZWTimeout(‘enableDesignMode()’, 20);”);

Actually every diagram automatically supports something like that–typing the first letter will cause the next node that starts with that letter to be selected. Eventually it cycles around after selecting the last node starting with that letter.
The ProtoApp sample application lets the user select a node in the properties window. This also automatically scrolls the view, which is done with a call to GoView.ScrollRectangleToVisible