Auto Scrollig Problem?

Hi Walter ,

I have a map which user can add nodes on it. When mouse right click is handled on any node, a dynamic context menu comes. At the context menu , some items have sub menu and user can see them when hover mouse on the item which has sub menu. But some item has lots of sub menus and I need a scrolling property for this problem. I added scrollviewer to my context menu control. when I set a static value to the height property of Scrollviewer, it works. But it is not approciate for the items which has a few menu, it doesn’t seem good. When I set height to Auto , this time auto scrolling doesn’t work .
How can I correct it? Thanks for your time and reply in advance.

I suggest you search the web about this. For example:
Problem with scrolling in a ContextMenu style…
demonstrates that ScrollViewers ought to work in context menus.