Autolayout difference when using GraphLinksModel

Hi There, First of all thanks for this amazing plugin, GoJS fits our needs perfectly.

I have one question regarding layouting and the different models.

First we loaded our model using:
this.diagram.model = go.Model.fromJson(result);

And we use layout settings:
this.diagram.layout = $(go.LayeredDigraphLayout, {
direction: 90,
layerSpacing: 40,
columnSpacing: 100,
setsPortSpots: false

This gave us the layout result we wanted:

Now I want to add nodes and links programatically, so far I know the best way to do this is using the GraphLinksModel. so I changed the loading of our model to:
this.diagram.model = new go.GraphLinksModel(result.nodeDataArray, result.linkDataArray);

And with the same layout settings I get a totally different layout, is there any way to get back to the old layout result?

This is the new and wrong layout result:

Is there any way to the GraphLinksModel and still get the same result as the first on in this post?
Or is there a way to easily add links, nodes and relink links programitically using the go.Model.fromJson function?

Thanks in advance!

Did you change the order of the node data or the link data in their respective Arrays?

Once you have a model, that you may have created by calling Model.fromJson, you can then call Model.addNodeData and GraphLinksModel.addLinkData. If you are making changes to a model that is already being shown in a diagram, remember to perform a single transaction that surrounds all of the changes.

@walter No, the order is exactly the same, how do I acces the GraphLinksModel.adLlinkData when using Model.from.Json ?

Doens’t seem to exist:

Cast it as a GraphLinksModel.

Wow, thanks a lot @walter, this works like a charm. Your support is great and super fast, i’m super sattisfied with that!

Another question, quite off-topic in this one: Is there any possibility to let GoJS set a max links per port. So when I move my nodes around and GoJS changes ports there are always max 1 link per port, so no link in and link out on the same port.

Like here:

My wish is that the in takes the top for example, and in and out take left, bottom or right depending on which one is free.

Relevant discussion is at:

@walter Thanks for the links, I tried your suggestions regarding the max links properties, but it doens’t seem t work, link validation only seems to execute when relinking links and not when using autolayout function. Is there any way for the autolayout to do this?

Thanks in advance!

Sorry, I misunderstood the situation that you are interested in. Layout has nothing to do with how many links are connected with a port. Presumably any reasonable layout will not change which ports a link connects.

If your nodes only have one port, you could spread out along each side where links connect at a port by setting fromSpot and toSpot, using “…Side” Spots. But none of the built-in layouts have options to force links to connect to different sides of a node. You will need to implement that behavior yourself by overriding LayeredDigraphLayout.commitLinks to first call the super method and then adjust each Link.fromSpot and Link.toSpot to meet your needs.