AutoLayout Nodes in a GoSubGraph

Hi All,
Not sure if I am asking the right question–I am just learning GoDiagrams for .NET platform–we just purchased it for our company. I want to add a bunch of GoSimpleNode instances each of which contain an icon image (some may vary), to a GoSubGraph. When I use the Add() method, all of the Simple Nodes are added, but they are stacked on atop the other. So I want to use AutoLayout. Problem is, I’m not sure how. I use it successfully on my Document in my view, but is there a way to use autolayout on a SubGraph? Also, how does one access the Nodes in a SubGraph? Doesn’t seem intuitive. At least not yet. I’m still playing around here.
Thomas Clancy

Sure, that’s easy to do – it’s described in the section in the GoLayout User Guide titled “Automatic Layout inside SubGraphs”.
There’s also the code in the SubGraphApp sample application.

Yes, of course! Thank you. It would actually help if I read the correct document. I had been reading all about GoSubGraph in the GoUserGuide… Should have been reading about AutoLayout in the GoLayoutUserGuide… Doh!