AutoLayout samples

I have just turned my attention to working with JGoLayeredDigraphAutoLayout in order to get better layout results for my app.

I’ve read through the JGoLayout User Guide which references a “Layout Demo” sample application. However, I can’t find it anywhere in either the JGo or JGoLayout kits. Can someone tell me where I can find the source for this sample?

Also, is the JGoLayout source code provided? If so where? The JGoLayout kit seems to only have the compiled class files.


Both the LayoutDemo application and sources are installed as part of both JGo kits (eval and full development).
You should have the LayoutDemo sample sources in the
And you should have the LayoutDemo.jar application in the root directory, along with all the other JARs.
Source code is not included, but is available at a significant extra cost. Send us e-mail.

I just did a fresh install from the JGoSWT515.exe (freshly redownloaded even) and there is no com\nwoods\jgo\examples\layoutdemo directory. Nor is the LayoutDemo.jar in the root directory.

What’s going on?

Sorry, I didn’t realize you were talking about SWT instead of Swing. You’re right – we haven’t translated that sample application from Swing to SWT.

I suggest you install JGo for Swing if you want to try it out or see the example sources. JGoLayout really doesn't have any UI, so any source code use of JGoLayout should be completely portable between the two platforms.