First off, this is a wonderful product to work with. The extensive examples make it easy to get a rapid start.

I’ve run into a point of confusion on the GoDiagram docs, though. It mentions AutoScrollMargin.

But looking at the View properties, all I see are AutoScrollDelay, AutoScrollRegion, and AutoScrollTime.

Where is AutoScrollMargin / how do I turn it on?

There is no AutoScrollMargin. But AutoScrollRegion is defined as

“Gets or sets the margin in the view where a mouse drag will automatically cause the view to scroll.”

We’ll fix the User Guide. Thanks.

I’ve played with that value, but seen no behavior change.

Oh! I see!

If I force the canvas larger, autoscroll then does work over that, but it won’t Auto increase the canvas size.

Looks like I need to add custom code to get the canvas to grow as things are moved off the sides.

And thanks for the reply, Jake.

Actually, the document will grow as objects move into area not previously within the document.
They don’t auto-shrink… you have to force if you want that.