Avoid nodes being placed onto each other


I’m starting to get to grip’s with JGo at the moment so still trying to
find my feet across the package. So if this is a dead simple question
please forgive my ignorance.

Is there away to stop a user from dragging a node ontop of another node
? In my diagram at the moment if they do that the layout lines end up
crossing the node that the dragged node has been placed on, so they
dont get routed arounf it, so not the effect I would like. idealy I
would love to reset the drag (I guess like an undo operation) or
provide some more intelegence to the dragged node. So that it moves to
an unoccupied space that is in the vicinity of the dragged position,
but not on top of it.

Any hints on this or if there is example code in the many examples that anyone could point me to that would be great

Thanks in advance


Whoops sorry posted it to the wrong forum !