AvoidsNodes on Link

I set the AvoidsNodes on newly created links and it works nicely except for when I move another node on top of the link, the link does not re-route. Any ideas on how to make this happen so my lines don’t end up under other nodes? Thanks

Well, for those links that have AvoidsNodes true, you could just call their CalculateStroke method.
How do you find those links that might be intersecting the Bounds of your node? Iterate over each link in your document and see if its Bounds intersects your node’s Bounds.
To avoid doing this computation-intensive calculation too much, I suggest you only do this in a GoView.SelectionMoved or SelectionCopied event handler, or after you have explicitly created or moved some node programmatically. That way it won’t be called continuously while the user is dragging around the selection (assuming GoView.DragsRealtime is true).