BackgroundSingleClicked And UIEntitySubGraph

I have to show some properties when selecting the background of Diagram.
Therfore I listen to BackgroundSingleClicked of GoView
However when I click on UIEntitySubGraph object which has some degree of transparency, the BackgroundSingleClicked is fired.
How can I know when the user realy click the background and not on some transparent object.

This will work if all your transparent objects are GoSubGraphBase…

<br /> private void goView1_BackgroundSingleClicked(object sender, GoInputEventArgs e) { <br /> foreach (GoObject o in goView1.Document) { <br /> GoSubGraphBase sg = o as GoSubGraphBase; <br /> if (sg != null) { <br /> if (sg.Bounds.Contains(e.DocPoint)) return; <br /> } <br /> } <br /> MessageBox.Show("click!"); <br /> } <br />

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It was very helpful.
I updated my corporate email