Backward Compatibility

  1. Is GoDiagram10x is compatible with GoDiagram6.x in respect to all the API’s or it’s expected to require code changes? We are using GoDiagram6.1 and when I try to convert it to GoDiagram10, it gives lots of errors.
  2. We are targeting .net6.00-windows, what is the recommended GoDiagram version for that?
  1. GoDiagram 10 is a complete rewrite of GoDiagram and is not backward compatible. It is based on the GoJS API and many years of experience with diagramming libraries.
  2. GoDiagram 10 for WinForms would be the best option for .net6.0-windows. It will be supported going forward, where GoDiagram 6 will eventually be phased out.

If you need help designing templates in GoDiagram 10, we’re happy to provide assistance.