Balloon Node

I need a Balloon node that has the same functionality as the GoBalloon in GoDiagram.

  • The balloon message is modifiable.
  • There is an anchor point in the balloon and the anchor point is draggable. The path (border) around the balloon may change when the anchor position is changed.
  • The balloon node is able to re-anchor.
  • If the balloon node is anchored to another object. Do not lose the anchor whenever moving either the balloon or the anchored object.
Anybody did it in GoXam WPF or Silverlight? Could you share the code or suggestions?

You can use the “Comment” category for a node data to implement balloon-style nodes. A link that connects from a “Comment” node will use a “Comment” category data template, unless you explicitly set the link’s category to some non-empty-string value.

That won’t get you a smoothly outlined balloon along the length of the link, but it will get everything on your list.