Balloons and Anchors

I save my objects from my map to a database file and do not use the standard serialization process.

I am stuck with my balloons as the anchor for the balloon can be virtually anything on my map. My problem is when I rebuild my map from the file I cannot define the anchor by its PartID as in many cases the user may have attached it to a non IGoIdentifiable object.
Does anybody have any solution to how to idetyfy the anchor object. The Balloons look as though they can happily anchor to the child objects of my nodes and even to the GoPolygon of another balloon!
Any thoughts would be appreciated!

Override GoBalloon.PickNewAnchor to restrict the kinds of objects to which the user may “point” the balloon comment.

I thought one of the example classes does this, but I might be mis-remembering (sorry, I can’t look right now).

Check NodeBalloon in Demo1.

Many thanks for your efforts.

I have already lifted the code from the NodeBalloon example, but my main problem is that I do not want the balloon to attach to my node, but force it to attach to the GoImage I am using as its icon so that the arrow points at the centre of the image rather than the centre of the whole bounds of the node.
However I have now restricted the user to only point to IGoIdentifiable parts.
All the best - and have a good weekend!!