Behaviour of copy/paste on GoText edit

When we switch a GoText that is a label of our node to edit mode (using default behaviour), a TextBox is created. However we don’t get the default behaviour of TextBox controls.

When we select part of the text for copy, the whole text is copied.
When we select part of the text for cut, the label itself is cut.
Pasting seems to work correctly.

I made a test with the GoGeneralNode of the demo1 program, and the behaviour was correct there. What may have we changed in our program to break this copy/paste? We have overloaded the EditCopy… of the GoView, can this have an impact on the copy/paste operations from within the control?

Thank you for your help,

It sounds like the TextBox isn’t getting the control characters, but that they are being handled by your application. See the description of GoView.ProcessCmdKey.