Bezier-curved Link


I am trying to implement Bezier-curved Link with a single control point for my project. I am able to save and retrieve the same from database. But while I am editing the already existing diagram, the links that are associated to the specific node which I am about to drag are unable to retain its curviness(control point). It is not the same case with a new diagram - the links are able to retain the control point curviness. Please advise.

You can find here, a sample of what I am trying to tell: Beat Paths
While a node is dragged, only its associated links are becoming a default curve/link.


Have you seen State Chart with Simple Curved Link Reshaping ?

Yes, I have implemented the same as in

And in the link you mentioned - State Chart with Simple Curved Link Reshaping, I am only able to load the model but unable to save the model to check my issue.

Note how there is a TwoWay Binding on Link.curviness, with the value stored as the curviness property on the link data.