Bidirectional Node Links

Hi, I’m using the functionality used in this sample: Bidirectional Nodes and I was wondering if anyone had ran into a similar issue. Using the code above, you can collapse nodes below the one you select, or the parent nodes of the one you select above. When you “collapse above” I need the other child nodes of all other parents to be collapsed too. If you “collapse above” the only nodes visible should be the ones below it.

There are a lot of possible reasonable behaviors. Implement what you want in the toggle function in that sample.

I was able to implement exactly what I needed. The last step is getting the visible nodes in my diagram as collapsing and expanded is being done by the user. Any ideas on how to do that? I’m using a combination of the tree expander button and setting the visibility of unnecessary nodes to false when I collapse up. Because of this, I cannot differentiate if a node is visible or if it’s been collapsed. I assumed there would be a method or property of a diagram or model to see which nodes are actually visible in the frontend at any point in time.

I’m not sure what you are asking for. Maybe the Part.isVisible predicate?

I guess the issue with that is my diagram doesn’t have Parts, just Nodes. I’m not seeing anywhere to use node.IsVisible

?? The Node class extends the Part class. And it’s somenode.isVisible().