Big arrowheads in links


I have problems with bigger arrowheads. Below image describe the issue.

I’d like to have arrowhead always fully visible. Overlapping line should be a little above to see arrowhead.
I’ve used toShortLength, but it seems that have some kind of limit. I can’t set for example value 2000.

Is there any solution for the problem?

The value of “toShortLength”, either from the Link.toShortLength or from the GraphObject.toShortLength of the port, is automatically limited to the length of the end segment. That is determined by the Link.toEndSegmentLength, defaulting to the GraphObject.toEndSegmentLength, which defaults to 10.

So you’ll want to increase the “toEndSegmentLength” a little bit, just enough to allow such a big arrowhead to be accommodated.