Big data! Partial loading from backend

I need to work with big data (more than 150 000 nodes) I’ve already understood how to work with it on frontend part using Virtualization Virtualized Tree with custom layout
But in this case I need to load all nodes from backend, this request takes a lot of time and resourcess.

Is there a way to have very big digram and load data partially? for instance: load the only data which should be in viewport.

May be you or some of your users faced with such issue and made a solution?

Of course, limiting the total amount of data helps a lot, if you can reduce what is sent to the browser to a sensible subset.

But just sending what should be visible in the viewport is unlikely to be sensible, since it would not include all nodes connected with links that should be crossing the viewport. And your app will not feel responsive if the user scrolls or zooms, because they will have to wait for a round-trip to the server.

Perhaps there is some way for your app to partition the data into a logical subset that is reasonably sized. It is important that the user know that they are only looking at the subset they care about. You might not even need to virtualize if you can limit the total size of the model to thousands of nodes.