Big diagram invisible after layout until scrolled

When I load or PerformLayout() on diagrams that are larger than the view, the diagram initially is invisible.
But when I click anywhere on the horizontal scrollbar, the diagram appears.
I've tried adding .Refresh() and .UpdateView() and they don't resolve the problem.
Here's the code, called from an MDI on a child window instance containing the GoView:
GoLayoutTree layout = new GoLayoutTree();
layout.Document = this.goView1.Document;
layout.Alignment = GoLayoutTreeAlignment.CenterChildren;
layout.ArrangementOrigin = new PointF(
// Make tree go downwards (90 degree angle) rather than across (0 degrees)
layout.Angle = 90.0f;
goView1.Document.Bounds = goView1.Document.ComputeBounds();
this.Refresh(); // the containing form
Any thoughts on the cause or help anyone can provide, or suggestions for debugging?
Michael Robinson

<SPAN =171495814-24102007>Is the diagram just initially scrolled to a position that doesn’t happen to show any nodes or do you think there’s really some kind of repainting problem?

Does a very small change on the horizontal scrollbar suddenly cause lots of the diagram to appear? Do things appear if you minimize the application and restore it?
The ProtoApp sample application is also an MDI application that does autolayout and doesn't seem to exhibit this problem.

Try this…

delete these lines:
this.Refresh(); // the containing form
and set GoView.DocPosition to the Document.TopLeft after the ComputeBounds.

That worked and fixed the problem. Thanks so much.

I don't understand quite why it wasn't already working, but hey, I'm not going to complain about that.
- Mike