Big Update Problem


I’m using GoDiagram .Net (2.4) in an MFC - based environment. The GoView is the view of the “ChildFrames”, one GoOverview is used too. The main application has connections to other components, a “Library” (MFC TreeView) with elements to add, for example. This “structure” works fine for the “normal” work.

But if the Library (built during startup) has many elements (~ 400MB RAM usage), I get an updating problem with the view. The view is only updated after resizing the ChildWindow. If you show another window (windows explorer for example) in front of the GoView, and minimize the explorer later, the GoView is not updated.

Has anyone an idea what the problem could be here?

Thanks in advance,


Does everything work well when the TreeView has few items in it?

If so, I would recommend virtualizing the contents of the TreeView, so that you only create TreeNodes when the parent node is expanded.
This has nothing to do with GoDiagram, of course. I assume you don't have millions of GoNodes and GoLinks, each corresponding 1-to-1 to the contents of the TreeView. If you did, you would need to virtualize the GoDocument in a similar manner. TreeApp demonstrates this strategy.