Binding nodes with go.Node properties

Is it possible to create node bindings with go.Node property?

I have a tree where I want to color each node based on its depth. I want to use findTreeLevel function for the same. But

new go.Binding("fill", "", (node) => console.log(node))

seems to log the node data object only. Is it possible to bind the node to depth in some way?

Never mind. I got it.

		new go.Binding("fill", "", (node) => {
			const nodeDepth = node.findTreeLevel();
				case 0: return "white"
				case 1: return "#bee5d3"
				case 2: return "#d6b0b1"
				case 3: return "#f0c38e"
				case 4: return "#f1aa9b"
				default: return "#3b5360"

This works for me.
For anyone who comes looking for this, here is the reference to where I found the solution -