Binding on position property for go.Link does not working as expected

Good day folks. First just want to say many thanks for all the great support we have been getting.

We seem to be running into an issue.

We are creating a binding on the position
new go.Binding("position", "pos", go.Point.parse).makeTwoWay(go.Point.stringify)

When we call diagram.model.setDataProperty on the ‘pos’ data binding it seems to have no effect. The link line does not move. Is there something wrong that we are doing.

Are you executing all of the model changes within a single transaction?

Oh, I just realized that I may have mis-read your question. I ignored the title which states that you are binding the Link.position. But if the link connects two nodes, then the locations of the nodes will determine the position of the link.

And if the link does not connect two nodes (and that includes having the same node be at both ends), they you’re going to have to remember the Link.points in order to save the original route of the link.