Black Screen on Firefox


I have a strange use case and outcome : on firefox+ win 10 + 125% screen resolution -> I get a black screen when opening my app that contains GoJS.

Are you aware of this problem?


No, I have never heard or seen such a problem on any platform and browser combination. Do you see the problem when not at 125%? On the same platform I assume you have tried other browsers without any problem, and I assume you have tried other platforms without any problem. Can you tell us how to reproduce the problem? If you use the Debug version of the GoJS library do you see the problem? And then do you see any warnings or error messages?

Hi Walter,
We dont see the problem at 125%.
You can reproduce the problem with the terms I mentioned above.

I assume you meant to say that you do see the problem at 125% but not at 100%. And that you don’t see that problem with other browsers when windows is at 125%.

But I am unable to reproduce any problems with Firefox 49.0.2 on any of a dozen sample apps that I tried running on Windows 10.

Maybe it’s a problem with your driver? Do you experience it on other machines running Windows 10 at 125% with Firefox?