Border color for a GoView

How do I change the border color for a GoView

For Windows Forms, that depends on the current theme and color scheme; GoView uses SystemPens.WindowFrame or ControlPaint.DrawBorder3D.

For Web Forms, GoView uses two properties: GoView.ScrollMarginBackgroundColor and GoView.ScrollMarginForegroundColor.

Thanks but for a new bee how do you use it

can you set this to the BorderStyle property or something
a code snippet would be great.

You should be able to set those properties “without code” in your Visual Studio Form designer.

The views border color has to be changed dynamically

I don’t know how to do that – it isn’t specific to GoView & GoDiagram, but applies to all Windows Forms Controls. I suggest you search the web about this topic. Searching for “ControlPaint” and “DrawBorder3D” might help.

However, an alternative would be to implement a Control.Paint event handler on your GoView and do the painting yourself. Again, this really isn't specific to GoView or GoDiagram -- any introductory text about how to define your own Windows Forms Control painting will give you all the details.