Bottom space between two shape

Hi All,

I am trying to add space between two shape can someone help me to achieve this ,
I have pallete on left side I want to drag and drop Image from left (Pallete) into right daigram there I have grid inside that I have two group I am draging image from pallete to grid but I want space between that grid or shape.
My code link :

At the end I want achieve below

Please help me with this
Thanks in advance

I wasn’t able to run your sample, but I could look at the code. Your node size and your grid cell size are both CellSize, which means there won’t be any space between nodes.

By the way, as documented at CommandHandler | GoJS API, you probably should not be controlling the size of the Shape that is the border (i.e. main) element of an “Auto” Panel. Instead you should set or allow to be resized the whole “Auto” panel.