BPML Shapes

Admin Team,

For GoXAM diagrams there was a page which was illustrating the various BPML shapes right? Can some one help me with that page and how GoXAM supports it?

I am specifically looking for the icons as illustrated in the ‘Process Master’ in your CustomGallery. Are these supported natively by GoXam for silverlight?


I assume you are talking about the NodeFigures sample.

There are just several pre-defined shapes corresponding to NodeFigure enum values. You can use them on a Path inside a NodePanel:

. . .
<go:NodePanel . . .>
  <Path go:NodePanel.Figure="BpmnTimer" Stroke=. . . />

No. Sorry that I hadn’t explained the problem clearly. In the URL (http://www.nwoods.com/components/dotnet/dotnet_customers/Process%20Master%20Screen%20Shot.png

) you can see Pointer, Role, Activity, Decision having a small icon with a distinct style right? I would like to know how to use these icons in our application. Are these icons natively supported by GoXAM.

Yes, you can easily implement different styles for different kinds of nodes.

The FlowChart sample demonstrates this.


Can we define a totally new shape? Is that possible?

Whatever you want to create in XAML you can use. Many people use Expression Blend to create their graphics. You are only limited by what the platform (WPF or Silverlight) supports.

Typically that means one or more <Path Data="…" … />.

Here’s a different way, where a customer wanted to create a graphic that was modifiable at run-time: Switch Graphic sample app.

Specifying geometry using pretty much produces a black-box drawing within a rectangular area of a certain size. If you want to be able to change it dynamically, you have to use discrete elements, as this “Switch Graphic” sample demonstrates.