BPMN Workflow diagram is visible only on page resize


I have implemented BPMN Workflow using the sample code given. My implementation is as follows.

  1. My page is divided into 2 columns
  2. First column contains a table of items
  3. When I select the table row. I should render BPMN diagram in 2nd page column area based on selected row information.

Diagram is not rendered 1st time row selection. But it is rendered if I resize the entire browser window. Once this is done then from next time diagram is rendered properly on different row selections


What do you do when the user selects a table row? Do you create the HTML DIV element and add it in the second column? If so, you might be initializing the Diagram before the DIV element has been laid out on the page, and need to call Diagram.requestUpdate. Read about it at https://gojs.net/latest/intro/resizing.html

Or perhaps it would be easier if you made sure the DIV element were in the DOM from the very beginning.