BPMN Workflow implementation

I have implemented BPMN editor using the sample provided. Now I need to provide implementations for the tasks or activities of BPMN diagram created by user.

I am looking for something like below example that I tried using Oracle BPMN.

  1. A form will be displayed to user to enter a message when user initiates BPMN process
  2. Based on the message length it invoke write service which writes data to a file (or) to review task for review
  3. If it is review task then it goes to reviewer inbox for approval
  4. If reviewer approves it then write service will be executed otherwise it goes back to initial user to re enter the message

I am not sure how I can provide this implementation in Javascript/GoJS. Want to know if I can get any help on implementing above behavior to diagrams created using GoJS.

Sorry, but we don’t know anything about BPMN run-time implementations – just about visual editors.