Bring node to top - not using layers

Every node I add seems to be on top of all the others. So if I add several and then click first one added and drag it around the view, it's below all the others.
Can I easily make a node go to the top when it gets selected? And I support multiple selection, so I'd like all nodes that are selected to be at the same depth and on top of all the unselected ones.
I don't explicitly do anything with Layers, I just add nodes to my document with goView1.Document.Add(...)
Thank you,
Jeff Hoover
Handle the GoView ObjectGotSelect event:
private void goView1_ObjectGotSelection(object sender, GoSelectionEventArgs e) {
GoObject obj = e.GoObject;
if (obj != null) obj.Layer.MoveAfter(null, obj);
Note... this won't put the Primary selection on top in a multiple selection. But if you care about that, you can to see if obj != view.Selection.Primary and pop the Primary object if it isn't.