Browser is Hanging While Loading Big Diagrams?

while Loading Big Diagrams the browser will be automatically hanging. i am not using any local cache in there any way to solve this issue?

Have you read ?

You may not have much recourse. There are task size limits that every hardware/software system can handle. And JavaScript is well known to be several times slower than Java or .NET.


What about loading bar?

Is there any way to load canvas first, Then to load model data?

This one has a CSS spinner:

Creating a Canvas element takes no time at all. Creating the model data is usually quick. It is usually the LayeredDigraphLayout that is too slow, and there is nothing we can do about that. In general, for slow layouts, maybe you could lay them out on the server ahead of time and remember the node locations so that you don’t need to compute the layout in the browser.


There has a problem is, will moving the root node cause the transaction to generate a lot of data?

What do you mean by “generate a lot of data”?

Transaction logs of models.

Tri it and see.