Bug? GoText.LineCout returns false values

Hi walter or someone else from northwoods,
I am implementing a NetText class (derived from GoText). The width should be set by user and the height i want to be calculated that the whole text fits in the NetText. If user changes width, height will be calculated. If user changes height it will be resetted.
I initialize the following properties:
netText.AutoRescales = false;
netText.AutoResizes = false;
netText.Editable = true;
netText.Movable = true;
netText.Multiline = true;
netText.Reshapable = true;
netText.Resizable = true;
netText.ResizableRealtime = false;
netText.Selectable = true;
netText.Wrapping = true;

I wanted to calculate hight with:
public override void DoResize(…)
if (evttype == GoInputState.Finish)
int count = this.LineCount;
if (count == 0)
count = 1;
this.Height = count * Font.Height;

But LineCount returns false values. If AutoRescale and AutoResize are false it is always 0. If i set AutoResize to true LineCout get the number of lines separated by CR (e.g. 5). If text is wrapping and 8 lines are displayed LineCount is still 5.

I hope i could make it clear and it seems to be a bug to me. I am using GoDiagram

Best regards,