Bug in DiagramModel

I may have found a bug in GraphLinksModel- it does not fire property changed events.

Tested on

This is the unit test I am using (i actually was testing our subclass with this test, but same issue)
var propertiesChanged = new List();
_diagram.PropertyChanged += (sender, e) => propertiesChanged.Add(e.PropertyName);

        _diagram.DataFormat = "MM";
        Assert.IsTrue(propertiesChanged.Contains("DataFormat")); <- FAILS HERE
        Assert.AreEqual("MM", _diagram.DataFormat);

It looks like RaisePropertyChanged actually raises the “Changed” event, rather than the PropertyChanged event. Switching to this line:
_diagram.Changed += (sender, e) => propertiesChanged.Add(e.PropertyName);
causes the test to pass.

What is the type of “_diagram”? Is it a Diagram or is it a DiagramModel?

DiagramModel only provides a Changed event.

Diagram is a Control, so it offers a lot of events, but PropertyChanged is not one of them.

Ah, you are correct, my apologies. One of our interfaces added INotifyPropertyChanged, and I got confused by the RaisePropertyChanged method in DiagramModel