Bug - Loading link points does not layout smoothly on load


We have a license for go.js and are experiencing an issue which can be easily demonstrated on the draggable link example here:

Steps to replicate the issue.
1.) Add two nodes (e.g. step) joined by a link
2.) Modify the link path using the reshapable functionality on the diagram. This creates custom points on the link
3.) Save the diagram using the save button
4.) Load the diagram using the load button.
5.)When loading the diagram you will see the link loads with a default path and then suddenly jumps to the path dictated by the saved points.

Yes, that behavior is intentional. There is no efficient and general way to morph orthogonal link routes while maintaining orthogonality, so that was not a feature that we could provide when we implemented automatic animations.

There would only be a bug if the end result for node locations and link routes were incorrect.

We resolved this by setting the “adjusting” property to go.Link.End on the go.Link