Bug with Chrome Google Extension

Hey I found a bug, I kept having issues with transaction errors and have narrowed it down to the Google Chrome Extension called “Google Docs 0.9”. I think this is pre-installed from what I can tell.

Errors like this show up.
Change not within a transaction: !d points: Link#1795([object Object]) old: List(Point)#2241 new: List(Point)#2299

Here’s a link to the Google doc extension. I tested with my own code and a sample diagram as well.

Is anyone else seeing this issue? Looks like a scoping problem without digging into the code too much. Normally I wouldn’t report something like this, but the Google Doc extensions cast a pretty big net.


In doing more testing it appears all the Google Drive extensions have this problem.

So you do not see those messages in Firefox, Safari, IE / Edge, or Opera on the same and different platforms, nor with any of the GoJS sample apps?

I don’t and if I put chrome in Incognito the errors go away. Also went through and started disabling extensions 1 by 1 till the google ones were the only ones left. Once I got rid of those the errors go away.

I don’t see errors in Safari or Firefox either only in chrome when 2 of the 3 google drive extensions I have installed.

FYI this doesn’t appear to break anything just warnings in debug.js

Very odd. I’m not sure what we could differently here, though.

Do you still get the issue when using the GoJS alpha build?