Building with GoDiagram 2.5.1 on Windows 2003

We are trying to build using Visual Studio 2005 and framework 2.0 on a

windows 2003 server (64bit) on 32bit mode.
Builds ok, but licensing fails when trying to run the application - is this supported or not ?
Any comments
Does building on a 32-bit machine work?
Did you install the GoWin2512.msi kit on that 64-bit machine? You might want to check the registry to make sure the SOFTWARE/Northwoods Software/Go.NET key is in the normal place, and not in the 32-bit-compatible part of the registry. The latter can happen if you install the kit for .NET 1.1, or if you use a version of LicenseManager.exe that was compiled for .NET 1.1, since applications compiled for .NET 1.1 will run in compatibility mode on 64-bit machines rather than natively.