Business Process Modeling Notation (BPMN) diagram

Hi , i 've read that gojs supports Business Process Modeling Notation (BPMN) but i can’t find any sample or template. Any suggest ?


We are working on a BPMN sample for version 1.3.
It is getting close to completion.

yah, i’ll be waiting for that :D

Please list your requirements here.

Here’s a preview. Note we’re just working on node, link and group templates, and JSON save/restore so far.

and just some other random items to show other stuff that’s defined:

Wow they look great. And how can i get the sample by the way ? the templates are all i need so far

Could you provide a temp page for that sample ? it would be great

Sure, as soon as it is ready. But the holidays are slowing everything down right now.

yah, i know :D . But i thought the sample in these pics is ready. Anyway, just a temporary sample like in the pictures with drag-drop is more than enough for me :D

Hi , i need a bpmn notation too. Maybe you have a some basic example ready? or some figures ? please is urgent.

Yes, we hope to release this as “alpha” quality software soon, along with the general release of version 1.3.

Here you go:
BPMN editor sample/extension