Button as link (How to style)

Hi All,

How can we style button as link?

Like in bootstrap we have
image --> image

In Go js --> is it possible to style like above ?

("Button", { margin: 2, click: incrementCounter }, (go.TextBlock, “Link”)


There’s no HTML/CSS way to do so. Instead you have to define a node template (or part of one) that gives the appearance you want.

We do have an example of a hyperlink-like Text, which you could use: Demo of HyperlinkText Builder

Thanks Simon,

I have used hyperlink text for this,but unable to write onclick event which gives me way to write my custom JavaScript.
For example in button we have click.

In hyperlink it is redirecting to url.

You can always modify the HyperlinkText code to do what you want. Here’s the code that you can start from:


You’ll probably want to modify the click function, and maybe some other parts.