Calendar visualization using GoJS

How to achieve Calendar visualization using GoJS which looks like as follows:

Are you sure you want to implement that in GoJS? There are a lot of calendars that you can find implemented in HTML/CSS/JS that you could show when the user clicks a button (or does something else) in a node.

If you think a calendar should be shown within each node, what’s going to happen to your app’s performance when you want to show a thousand nodes at once?

Thanks for you response, @walter !

Yes, i would prefer to use GoJS.

I don’t want to show calendar in each node, Rather i want to show a diagram with a calendar as shown in the above image attached, Where each box in the monthly calendar showing the dates are clickable and open a dialog box once a date’s box is clicked.


But calendars are complicated things that other people have already implemented. It seems wasteful (a lot more work than you might think!) to reimplement them in GoJS, unless you really need them in a node template to be shown by each node.

No, requirement is not to use calendar in each node.

Could you please suggest a simple calendar implementation that can be used along with GoJS. For example, Once a date’s box in calendar is clicked, a dialog box is opened showing a GoJS Gantt-Chart for that particular date.


The last time I tried customizing an HTML/CSS/JS calendar was many years ago, when I first tried using Node.js to create a web app. That’s also when I realized that UI for times/dates can be very complicated to do correctly.

I’m pretty sure that the available calendar components have changed since then.