Calling makeImageData during node animation stops the animation

I am hoping to calculate a small thumbnail image after adding certain nodes to the model. When the nodes get added, the animation begins and the nodes slide into their appropriate positions in the diagram. My code calls diagram.makeImageData after the node is added (and after a LayoutComplete), and the animation seems to not occur. When I instead add an arbitrary delay (like setTimeout for a second) before calling for the image, the animation completes just fine. I was hoping to see some kind of diagram event that would let me know when the animation was finished, but I don’t see any animation-related events getting generated during this process. My questions I guess are these: Is there a way to get notified when this animation is completed? How can I know when it’s safe to call makeImageData to preserve the node add/remove animation?

I think is what you want to detect that the default Animation has completed.