Can I add some side space after all element on canvas when using LayeredDigraphLayout?

I am using right side popup as part of my UI. And I don’t want overlap canvas, when popup is opened. In case of ‘GridLayout’ I just added additional hidden node with necessary width. But in case of ‘LayeredDigraphLayout’ i am getting this hidden node placed somewhere down. I guess I could force it to work if I will add a link to this hidden node, but maybe I have more convenient solution?

Why not resize the Div that is hosting the Diagram?

Yes. I did it via resize. Created topic very soon) Sorry, was tired)

Oh. It works not perfect. Canvas changes width not immediately. Probably I knew it intuitively, and this was a reason why I looked for other solution.

Yes, it delays updating until 250 milliseconds pass without another Div resize event.

I suppose you could call Diagram.requestUpdate after you have changed the size of the Div.

It helped. Thank you.