Can i have an ASP .NET Solution with samp


Can i have a .net Solution for ASP Net 2.0 to start test the Go component

There are many sample web applications installed with the kit, under the Samples directory (C#) or the SamplesVB directory (VB).
You can open any of those subdirectories in Visual Studio 2005 by invoking File | Open | Web Site … .

Could you please describe the next steps if I just want to buid a .net solution and run it from the Visual Studio 2005 with no changes to the sample application. When I do it now I get directory listing.

in VS2005 … use File > Open Website… and open the appropriate folder under Samples or SamplesVB.

Then right-click on the WebForm1.aspx and choose Set as Start Page (actually I missed this step). Now it is running