Can I make my web editor with your GoJS library?

I want to change my window editor to web editor with your GoJS.
So, I want to check if it is possible.
My Program is Korean.
I can’t upload the zip file with *.html, *.js.
Sorry my English is poor.

We have an window editor program to create html file with canvas.
I will draw everything on a canvas.
It consts of these things.(WindowProgram.png)

  1. Menu

  2. Graphic Object Type list and subgraphic object List in the selected graphic object list
    There are analog types and digital types in the graphic object list.
    The Analog type and Digital graphic object has many subtype respectively.

    In the html,
    Analog type object changes the image file is related to the sensor’s present value.
    Digital type object also changes the image file is related to the sensor’s present value(on/off value)

  3. Property window for the selected graphic object

  4. Editor area for html page

  5. Sensor Point list

It is similar to your BPMN editor.
It has 1, 2, 4

3 is similar to your Inspector.

  1. is similar to your tree view.

Our webeditor has 1,2,3,4,5 at the same time.

The window program works as following. ( Web Editor will work such as the same.)
At first, the window program get the sensor point information by using WCF communication
or reading excel files. Sensor information will be over 20,000 points.
It shows the sensor list information like 5 on the bottom right part.(treeview)

  1. In File->Open/New menu, I open New File (our file extension is itv,
  2. Editor area(4) has the background image property.
    So, I can select the background image file in the property (3).
    Now editor area shows the background image file totally.
  3. I select a sub graphic object in the graphic object type list.
  4. I drag & drop it in the editor area (4)
  5. I can change the subtype in the property window (3) of the graphic object.
    And I can change the other properties in the property window(3)
  6. I select a point in the sensor point list (5) on the bottom right
  7. I drag & Drop it to one graphic object in the editor area(4).
    Yes, the graphic object is mapped with sensor information.
    Then the sensor information will be copied to the graphic object.
    So, program will update the graphic object’s properties in the property window (bottom left)
  8. In File->Save menu, I can save the page information with two files (itv and html)
    by using XSLTemplate.xsl and editor area information.
    itv is for editor.
    html is for webpage.
    If some objects in the editor area has some problem,
    the program shows the error information.

The program replace the objet property with graphic object’s properties in the xsl file.
And it makes html file like 5F.html
I can’t upload the zip file with *.html, *.js. *.itv. *.zip in this topic.

Html file communicate with web socket in the javascript file(bems.js)
and changes the object’s image and graphic in the canvas.
The editor area in the window program will be the canvas area.
I will draw everything on a canvas in the html.

some properties of a graphic object is complexed.
So the property of the graphic object has popup window to set a complexed property information
(like ComplexProperties.png)

In our graphic objects , there are two graphic object using infragistics chart and grid js in html.
Basically our html code is in the canvas area…except the submenu.

Our web editor will have two modes.
One modes is the editor mode like BPMN Editor.
The other is html mode like your simultaion.
There are a lot of graphic objects.
If I move the mouse on the graphic object, it shows the tooltip (ShowTooltip.png).
If I click the right mouse on the graphic object, it shows the menu(ShowMenu.png).

I am not sure with these things.

  • Is it possible my scenario with your library?
  • If it is possible, do I need your source code?
    If I apply one developer to do it, what is your price policy?

The basic answer is Yes, you can implement this kind of application as a single-page app as an HTML page.

The ability to read and write arbitrary files on the user’s machine is limited and depends on the particular browser. For the most general support, I would store all of the data files on the server. I don’t know what your ITV file format is, but you’ll probably want to use something different internally and provide ways to import (and export?) such files.

A separate web app can display diagrams without allowing editing. This is demonstrated by the Floor Plan Editor and Floor Plan Monitor samples. (Those samples are old and we plan to upgrade or replace them in the future.)

We can provide more details later.